Thursday, February 12, 2009


Four Flames - Project365:28

Life is all about influence. Everyone around us influences who we are. Some may disagree with me. They may say, "I'm not influenced by that person". I say, yes you are... You are are influenced to be like a person or your are influenced to NOT be like a person. Everyone that we have contact with influences one way or another. Often times, it's not until we take stock in a persons life do we realize how that person influenced our lives.

Catherine (Cassie) Lester was one of these influencers in my life. When I was young, I didn't get it. I sometimes even regretted her influence. As I take stock, I realize that she has influenced a great many aspects of my life in a very positive way. Manners, grammar, my music, parenting, learning, goal setting, investing, and just living life. I'm talking about my Grandmother. God called her home Saturday February 7, 2009.

I know one thing more than almost anything. My Grandmother loved me dearly. She loved me unconditionally. She was strict, but I never doubted her love. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by love like hers. These are the influences that allow me to love my wife and family the way I do. She may not be here in the flesh, but she lives on through us. I think of her regularly as I find myself teaching my kids the things that she taught me. I don't even think about until after I hear myself say it. Just last week my son said, "Me and Harrison are going to the circle" and without even thinking I said, "What's so 'mean' about Harrison". I smirked to myself after hearing those words come from my mouth. That's exactly what Cassie would have said.

I will miss her, but I will see her again one day in Heaven. So, for now, I will just say "Goodnight".

I never thought it'd come so soon
I'd be with you inside this room
Heaven's taking you from me
Your hand grows weak, it's telling me it's time to leave

Help me say goodnight
I won't say goodbye
Leave the light on, I'll be home in time

How can a granite
stone symbolize
The kaleidoscope
that was your life?
Your words will stay alive in me
My knees grow weak, the tears I leave, are healing me.

"Say Goodnight" - This Beautiful Republic

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