Thursday, January 8, 2009

Angel Sodomy, Virgin Daughters, and Sulfur Rain

TEL_0439, originally uploaded by Thomas Lester.

Woah! People say that our society is getting more and more corrupt. This may be true, but I don't think we hold a candle to Sodom. I think Hollywood would even have a tough time putting this film together! So, God sends Angels to destroy Sodom because the city has become so depraved. They Angels meet Lot (Abraham's son) at the entrance to the city and Lot invites them to his house as his guests and feeds them and washes their feet. When the Angels are at Lot's house, men from Sodom show up and surround Lot's house demanding that Lot sends out the "men" visiting Lot so they can all have sex with them.

What? I guess that's how they rolled before the invention of the gay bar...

Lot says... "don't do my guests... instead do my two virgin daughters". What the heck! He offers up his daughters to a crowd of horny men? What kind of father logic is that? I would have been offering up a Louisville Slugger by this point. So, the men refused. They wanted the men (actually angels) instead. The angels were like, "ok, we've heard enough.... let's torch this joint!" Lot and his family got out of Dodge and the angels poured down a rain of fiery sulfur.

I guess the moral logic doesn't fall far from the tree... later the daughters decide to get Lot drunk and have sex with him. Both of them get pregnant with "dad's" child. Ewe... that's just wrong.

If this were made into a movie, it would have to be on Cinamax or "Pay Per View" only!

What did I learn from that? I learned that... Hmmm... I guess I'm not as screwed up as I thought. Ha!

My new testament reading (Matthew 6:25 - 7:14) this morning is one of my favorites. This is Jesus teaching them not to worry that God is our provider and He loves us more than anything. I should read this passage every day. I used to not worry about anything. In the last year or so, I worry a lot more. I get anxious about deadlines at work and such. I know I shouldn't. When I read these passages, I instantly feel calm.

The scripture talks about how beautiful God dresses the flowers that will be destroyed. If he takes care of them so well, then how much MORE will he take care of us. I think the picture above demonstrates this. I took that picture at Hilton Head over summer when we visited there for a vacation.

Today's Reading.


Charise Orozco - "Chari" said...

hahahahhha! i don't know if this was meant to be funny but i laughed! very insightful Tom....

dietschs said...

"ok, we've heard enough.... let's torch this joint!"

Absolutely priceless. That and the "back the truck up" comment about Abraham put such a good light on what can otherwise be a very hard to read old testament.

The offering up the daughters bit came across as a bit wierd and it is not the only occurence of it in the old testament.