Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flex '08

TEL_0824, originally uploaded by Thomas Lester.

Wow! It's hard to put this experience into words. Celebration Church of Jacksonville's annual mens conference, called FLEX was held this weekend in Jacksonville, FL. Over a thousand men (a guess... uh... a guess on the number... not a guess that they were men) worshiping, having fun, hanging out, and learning about how to Godly men.

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A look around the place and you quickly realize that in attendance there are strong men of God, new Christians, sons and dads, lost friends that were dragged their by a loving friend, Grand Fathers, and best friends. There was no denying that God met us in His house as he promises in Matthew 18:20. Lives were changed. Thanks Celebration for doing this every year with excellence!

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Sharon said...

Sounds great! My husband went to a conference a couple of months ago at Johnny Hunt's church in Woodstock, GA. I'm so glad churches have these, men need all the support they can get in this world today!