Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who's That On Drums?

TEL_0452, originally uploaded by Thomas Lester.

We are sitting there enjoying our dinner when the singer, Bobby, starts asking where people are from. Then he asks if there are any musicians in the house. Brian blurts our, "I play the drums". Next thing you know, Brian is invited to sit in on stage. Of course, the band jokes around with what he might know how to play. The guitar player is playing recognizable rock song licks. Bobby asks Brian what he wants to play. Brian says, "maybe something in a mid-tempo swing". For the life of me, I can't remember what song he chose. My mind was more focused on, "Oh God, please let him not screw this up". This is a very nice place. I was really hoping he'd remember his "jazz sensibilities".

He did great. Not only was his dynamics great and his time solid, but he also put in some really tasty fills. He swung really well. Despite being so nervous that he almost had to go throw up after, he read his "band mates" really well. Popped some good accents on the snare and toms, and finished with a big ending. It was really great!

I was SO PROUD! We had everyone in the place coming around to our table to shake Brian's hand. Someone even offered to buy him a shot... Ha!

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Anonymous said...

this is unbelievable! way to go brian! i am in no way surprised. he's our star drummer for the pickiest musical audience i know of...suburban teens!