Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Studying

TEL_0534, originally uploaded by Thomas Lester.

Heather is down to the final stretch. This is it! Just like every lunch break, dinner break, breakfast, lying in bed before going to sleep break; Heather is studying. After returning from lunch today, she will take the final three of her five tests. Pass or fail, she's my hero. She has amazing focus and resolve. I couldn't spend this much time in focused studying. She rocks!

A side note... Heather has worked her fanny off and has not had a single chance to rest and just enjoy herself. So, I booked an extra day so that she can just relax and do nothing. I'm going to make sure we do whatever she want or get out of her way if she just wants to sleep all day.

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carol said...

Tom, your blog is amazing. The photos are fantastic. Love the one of Rachel jumping beds (you so captured "her"! We are so proud of Heather too. I know this has not been easy for her but to see her push ahead and do what she has always wanted to do at this point in her life is fantastic. Thanks for being such an encourager for her. No one could do this without a loving family behind them. She totally "rocks" in our book too. She will definately be the most beautiful tennis pro out there.