Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time For Bed

TEL_0531, originally uploaded by Thomas Lester.

After tennis today, we cleaned up and went out to dinner at Marley's Island Grill. It was average at best. I'm finding that most of the places to eat around Hilton Head are very average to below average, despite the $25-35 per entree price tag. We are talking about local seafood restaurants with 2+ hour waits that aren't even as good as a Red Lobster. It was OK, but worth $15 for entree, tops!

Back at the hotel, we are all bushed. Of course, the energizer bunny (Rachel) is still raring to go, despite the bags under her eyes. What do kids like to do in a hotel room? Jump on the beds, of course!


Jonathan said...

Love the rear curtain flash sync!

Thomas Lester said...

@jonathan - Thanks! I wanted it to feel like action. I think it worked. I also had to warm the SB-800 with a tungsten gel to match the lamps and set the WB to Tungsten. Otherwise, it either made the room look orange or Rachel look blue.