Monday, August 4, 2008

In Hilton Head This Week

I've started a new blog.  To start things off, I'm going to be journalling our vacation to Hilton Head Island.  What brings us to Hilton Head, you ask?  Well...  my wonderful wife is training and studying to become a Professional Tennis Registry "Pro" (teaching pro).  She's amazing and she's dreamed of doing something like this and now she's doing it.  I'm very proud of her.  She's been teaching since a little before summer and she's great.  Her students (adults and kids) love her.  Of course....  what's not to love, right?

So, we are in Hilton Head Island.  We traveled up yesterday morning.  On the way, we stopped in Savannah for lunch and to walk around the city.  I'll post some pictures later (we have Heather's seven year old powerbook, that doesn't handle 13 MB RAW camera files very well...  so it's slow).  We are having a good time.  We went and had some great sea food for dinner last night.  After, Heather was really tired, so she rested in the room while me and the kids went for a late night swim.  The kids loved it, of course, since they don't get to swim at night very often.  

This morning we dropped Heather off at Van Der Mere Tennis Academy.  Then, the kids and I had breakfast at "Brellas", one of the restaurants in the hotel.  Now, we are about to head to the beach and/or pool.  

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